coaching one step at a time to reach your goals

Leadership Skills:

For individual, teams or groups. 

Enhance your work performance and work relationships through practicing better communication.

Learn about leadership from the inside out by becoming more self-observant and making better connections (with yourself and others).

Learn about presence based leadership.

Learn how to be more centred by accessing your full spectrum of resources including your body and emotional intelligence.

More fully integrate your own style and strengths for clarity, accountability and results.

Learn the coach and facilitation approach for working with people.

Workshops available on request.

Facilitation Services:

Making meetings easier, efficient and productive.

With it's focus on asking instead of telling, listening and building consensus, facilitation is the embodiment of the new leadership ideal and a core skill for all leaders. 

Processes include:

  • Creative Process - a sequence of events to improve imagination and speculation in a group or team
  • Basic Work and Action Planning - a step by step approach to accomplishing tasks.
  • Decision Making - a logical flow of steps aimed at choosing alternatives by applying specific criteria
  • Conflict Resolution - a collaborative approach to resolving disputes between people or groups
  • Problem Analysis - a cause and effect process to get closer to the cause of a problem
  • Issue Analysis - a process involving brainstorming and synthesis of results

Take your next step!

1) Contact me for a FREE 20-minute coaching session to discover how I can best serve you in moving forward.

2) Choose from a variety of packages available for in-person (local) and Phone, Skype or Facetime for long-distance coaching..

Learn more about Coaching in this workshop
Coaching: Engaging Relationships.

NEW!  Talk to me about taking a Coaching WalK*

If you think better while moving and enjoy the outdoors, consider a WALKING coaching session!  *Walking Coaching sessions are for local clients only and weather dependent.

Communication Skills:

For individuals, couples, teams, or groups.

Learn how to build a more successful relationship with yourself and others.

Learn how to deal more effectively with difficult relationships, both personal and at work.

Understand more about how conversations stay either engaging or disengaging.  Determine a focus (eg:  deepening your listening) or take an overview, each with live-action skill practice and coaching. 

Training and experiential workshops offered in a variety of formats (Lunch n'learn (1-2 hours), 1/2 day, full-day or 2 day, or by request).

Workshops available on request.

See details for a workshop offering called Communication Fundamentals.



 Take the Next Step coaching is for you if you want….

  • A sense of momentum with your goals without it being a race
  • To increase your somatic/body awareness and feel more alive
  • More out of your relationship to yourself and others
  • Enhanced communication skills at work or in your personal life
  • Enhanced leadership presence and performance
  • More balance in your doing and being in life
  • To get unstuck in an area of your life
  • To shift that which you are dissatisfied about or keeps re-occurring


leadership skills
for individual, teams or groups

communication skills
for individuals, couples, teams or groups